Thursday, October 22, 2009

23 week photo..

I decided to post the pic I talked about in the post earlier today. It's at 23 weeks..I am 24 now. At least I don't have stretch marks..yet. :)

Blogging slump....

I got an email from my sister Jenny this morning asking me why I hadn't been blogging lately. I replied saying that I am a boring person these days..just working and gaining about a pound a week, getting new zits..forgetting to do things that I should be doing..peeing every 6 1/2 know..boring stuff like that. I did take a 24 week belly picture..but it made me kinda nauseous when you could see the lumps from my butt under the pajama pants. So I had Jason re-take it after a wardrobe change(black pants) and it was okay..I just haven't posted it. Not sure why..just haven't been loving looking at myself lately. I been reading on the Internet different pregnancy forums where women gripe about how gross they feel while pregnant and it kinda makes me feel better. I did have my 24 week appt yesterday and had "only" gained 5 lbs since my last appointment. Which is better than the 10 I gained the month before!! WHat?! 10 lbs in one month..what a heifer!
My shower is coming up in a couple weeks..we are having it early because obviously Jason and I didn't plan this pregnancy right and you can't have a shower close to Thanksgiving or Christmas. Anyhoo..that will give me something to blog about with pictures. For those of you who have really checked to see if I have blogged something(Jenny) I'll try and be better!