Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I'm out..

I'm pretty much done with this blogging thing. I am not a writer, I am just a mom. My life is not interesting enough to even act like I have anything to put on here. I find myself just getting on here to check the blogs I like to keep up with. It makes me feel bad to have a blog that some mom might find and come to wanting some encouraging words about having PPD/PPA, and there are none here to be found. If you come here and are looking for that (which is how I was in those early horrible dark days), go over to my blogroll and check some of those lovely ladies out who do have something to say.

All Work and No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something is Kim's blog. She super duper awesome and is a strong warrior mommy who is really good at this blogging thing.

Ivy's PPD Blog is the first one I came across when I was searching for some answers and support. Ivy is so sweet and has a ton of good information on her blog about all things PPD.

A few other's that I love to check on are Not Super..Just Mom, Farewell Stranger and Musings, Musings, Musings. So there you go. I wish I could have kept on doing this and been halfway interesting. Thanks to those of you who have commented here, that was my favorite part, reading those comments. Good luck to all of you out there still struggling. Don't feel bad for taking medication. Don't isolate yourself and not let anyone know you're hurting. Call your Dr. Tell your family. Get help. You are a good mom even if you don't bond with your baby right away. That comes with time. No, your husband and baby would not be better off with out you. They need you. Don't feel like you have to do it all, accept help from others. It does get better...I promise.