Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Christmas and 34 week appt....

We had a good Christmas! It went by really quick as usual. We spent the first half with Jason's family and the second half in Indiana with mine. We got to see LOTS of kiddo's opening presents between the two families. Fourteen to be exact! Jason has 10 niece's and nephew's and I have four nieces. It was fun watching their excitement..I remember when I felt like that @ Christmas! We came home and got to spend an evening with all of our closest friends here in Nashville. It was really a good little vacation, fast, but fun.
I went to the Dr. for my 34 week appt today. Nothing much new. My bp is okay, a little elevated still, but not up from last time. Which is good. I have now reached the swollen stage of the 3rd trimester. I have trouble putting shoes on in the morning. I woke up one morning and even felt like my lips were swollen! I am just a big ole puffy whale. Not really comfortable or attractive. I had my Dr. try and feel if she could tell if he's still breech today. I think he is since I'm still feeling all the same kicks in my bladder/whoo-ha area that I've been feeling for awhile now. She felt around and could only identify his butt. I said, "yeah, cause his head is up under my ribs!" So I go back @ 36 weeks and if she still can't feel his head, then I'll have an ultrasound to see what position he's in. Hopefully he'll be head down in a week and a 1/2! I worked my last day @ work today! I know have some time to sleep as much as I can(when I'm not peeing or flipping over cause my hips hurt), relax and get my house ready to sell. So that's about all that's going on right now. Here's some pics from Christmas of my girls!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Still plugging along..

There's been a lull in activity in my pregnancy journey, so I haven't had anything to blog about that would be of any interest to anyone. I will be 32 weeks on Wed(or Tues?). I have already gained the "recommended" amount of weight. Ha. Which my Dr. hasn't said anything to me about, so I'm trying not to dwell to much on that...or the fact that my thighs touch from my knee's all the way up. Easton is still in breech position. He's sitting indian style with his head under my ribs and his feet planted firmly on my bladder, at all times. It really feels good when he stretches out and pushes his butt out my side and uses my bladder at a footstool to do so. I have a really attractive "pregnancy rash" all over my stomach. Not to mention the enormous amount of pimples I still have. (no nurse Vicki, those don't always go away after the first trimester) So over all, pregnancy makes me feel very unattractive. I have already decided I might not be doing this again. Oh..and it getting harder to shave my legs..and tend to...ummm...other "stuff" I can't see anymore. That bothers me..a lot. Oh well...I guess my Dr. doesn't care how "manicured" I am..but I do. I am at least getting a pedicure before I have this baby. I tried to get Jason to cut my toenails and after looking at my feet he said "why don't you just go treat yourself to a pedicure?" He used to tell me that stuff was a waste of money.
I am still a huge bag of mixed emotions about this pregnancy too. I know some women by this point are already "bonded" with their babies and can't wait to have them out in the world. But I am scared. It's not even the labor part I'm scared of. It's the actually putting him in the car and me and Jason driving off with him. Just us. WE are responsible for this little baby. WHew. It makes my blood pressure go up some( which it has been up the past two appts! I'm on BP watch!). I have been thinking about postpartum depression some also. There was a young women my age that passed away around Thanksgiving that my sisters knew, and I heard it had to do w/ depression, possibly postpartum. That scares me too. I am prone to sadness. I have always been a cup half empty girl. Jason calls it being negative. I call it being real. It's always been a whole lot easier for me to be down, than up. I don't want to be that way after I have Easton..he doesn't deserve it. Neither does my husband. I know I can't predict how I will handle it all. I know I shouldn't just assume that I will get postpartum depression because I've been depressed in the past..but it makes me think about it more. I am trying to keep a positive attitude about bringing him home. I bought a book called, Calm mother, calm child, or something like that. It's supposed to help you mentally deal with the exhaustion of having a newborn. I've read most of is a little out there. But I'm up for any help and advice I can get.
So that's where I'm at right now. Still kinda nervous/can't believe I'm having a baby/excited..all of that. The countdown continues.

Saturday, November 21, 2009

28 week 3d/4d ultrasound

We had our 3d/4d ultrasound today at 4d Peek Boutique. It was really so cool! When the tech first started, she said he was in breech position, which can make it difficult to get good views of the face. Easton must have knew we was really looking forward to seeing him, so he cooperated as much as he could while he was asleep. Which he was most of the time, with his little mouth just hanging open...just like his mommy sleeps! I bet he was even snoring. I do a lot of that now days. Jason says I sound like a wildabeast(whatever that is). Anyhoo..he is definitely his father's son. A common trait among Corlew men is the cleft or dimple in their chin. Easton is already sporting one. He also has his daddy's nose. I'm not sure if he will even remotely look like me, but oh well. Like my mom in law said today "you're just the incubator honey". He also has some cheeks! Oh they are so cute already! I am a little more at ease knowing that he doesn't look like a monkey or anything. Ha. So we only have 12 more weeks or so till he get to see him in the flesh!

Shower pics...

Here are some pics from the shower a couple weeks ago. Jenny took a bunch, but most of them I was opening presents with my mouth hanging open probably saying "Awwww!!" So, here are some of the better ones in which I'm not trying to catch flies!

Friday, November 13, 2009

A better picture...

I posted the wrong picture of the cowboy stuff my sister, Joni made. Here's a better one. That's what I get for not previewing or whatever I should've done.

Some shower goodies!

I have another excuse this time for not blogging in awhile. Jason and I went to Franklin to hang out with my sister's and nieces for Halloween, and I dropped my camera on the kitchen floor and broke it. Well, it wasn't even my camera. It was Jenny's old one. SO..I haven't been able to take any pictures of anything lately. I had my shower last weekend and Jenny took pictures for me, but I haven't seen her to get them. But we got a camera today!! Yay! We had some cash from the shower along with a Target gift card..and we came home w/ a new Canon! I love it! So here are few of my favorite things I got as gifts. My sister Joni has recently taken up sewing. Which is so cool! She found this cowboy fabric I love and made me a blanket, tag blankie, 2 burp cloths and 2 bibs!!!!!! They are SO adorable!! It makes them so special because she made them herself! Thanks Joni!!! The next gift was the canvas that my sister Jenny painted of Easton's name. Jason and I hung it over his dresser and it looks so good! Jenny makes these as a side business and she is really good at it! I love this canvas! Jason's mom also got Easton his bedding, which was a huge surprise. It looks really cute with his bed. I will post some more pics of the shower when I get the disc from Jenny....:)

Thursday, October 22, 2009

23 week photo..

I decided to post the pic I talked about in the post earlier today. It's at 23 weeks..I am 24 now. At least I don't have stretch marks..yet. :)

Blogging slump....

I got an email from my sister Jenny this morning asking me why I hadn't been blogging lately. I replied saying that I am a boring person these days..just working and gaining about a pound a week, getting new zits..forgetting to do things that I should be doing..peeing every 6 1/2 know..boring stuff like that. I did take a 24 week belly picture..but it made me kinda nauseous when you could see the lumps from my butt under the pajama pants. So I had Jason re-take it after a wardrobe change(black pants) and it was okay..I just haven't posted it. Not sure why..just haven't been loving looking at myself lately. I been reading on the Internet different pregnancy forums where women gripe about how gross they feel while pregnant and it kinda makes me feel better. I did have my 24 week appt yesterday and had "only" gained 5 lbs since my last appointment. Which is better than the 10 I gained the month before!! WHat?! 10 lbs in one month..what a heifer!
My shower is coming up in a couple weeks..we are having it early because obviously Jason and I didn't plan this pregnancy right and you can't have a shower close to Thanksgiving or Christmas. Anyhoo..that will give me something to blog about with pictures. For those of you who have really checked to see if I have blogged something(Jenny) I'll try and be better!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

I believe he's movin' & groovin'...

I have been wondering when I would feel Easton move. I've had a few different people tell me a few different times of when I should feel him, of course. Just like everything else, I Googled it. "thank goodness for Google", that's what Jason says when I reveal to him another informative tidbit I have discovered. If I called my dr. for each thing I have found by Google-ing, they would think I am the most annoying patient ever. I think I felt him a week ago, but then two night's ago Jason actually felt two tiny kicks!! We both just started laughing, like this baby is already the most hilarious child ever. It was a really cool moment for both of us. Of course, I haven't had any big kicks since. But I was told that my placenta is in the back, so I will feel everything in the months to come. Fabulous! The ultrasound tech told me to get lots of sleep now. No problem..I happen to be very good at that!

Monday, September 21, 2009

20 weeks...

Or in other words...5 months! I cannot believe that I'm 5 months already. I'm 1/2 way through! AGHHH!!! That means we're going to have an infant of our own we have to care for in 4 months!!!! Whew...I just had to get that off my chest. It still freaks me out now and then when I think about it. There's no turning back now huh? The other thing I think about often these days is that I don't like being pregnant. Everything is feeling all fat and rubbing together...I don't like it, and I know it's only going to get worse. Ugh. I am NOT going to be an easy person to be around when I am huge. Poor Jason. So here is the 20 week picture, and before you think.."she looks good for 20 weeks!" me..I'm way bigger in person. It's all about angles and black clothes! Ha.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Some random stuff....

I wanted to post a few more pictures of some stuff for Easton. The outfit is the first one I picked out for him. Mom and I were at Kohl's before the ultrasound and I found it. For some reason I just knew I was going to get to go back and buy it, so I hid it in with some other clothes on a rack. It's so cute! The chest is one that my grandpa Galloway made and Jason painted it for me. I love it! It will be good for toys or for storing blankets and stuff. It turned out awesome. That was another one of Jason's projects this weekend, in between the Craigslist buying. The little porcelain sign is kinda like his first baby gift, mom got that when I was just 10 weeks or so. Well, that's about it. I keep wondering if someone besides my mom, sister's and my best friend from back home, Erin, are reading this crap. Oh well, soon enough I'll have a baby to take pictures of instead of just..random stuff. :)

Craigslist stuff...

Jason has become a Craigslist addict. He has convinced himself he can find the best deals in the whole world on Craigslist. To be honest, he has found some really good ones for Easton. It started with the swing that I have been looking at for awhile now. It was posted a couple times and they wouldn't take what he wanted to pay. So he waited..and finally they took it. Well, I think it was five dollars more than what he offered, but I told him to just buy it already. It is so cute, and practically brand new. Brand new from store- $189.99 Craigslist price- $80. Pretty good deal huh? Then came the baby monitor I wanted. It's the kind with the TV monitor so you can see the baby, even at night. The lady was in Franklin so I took my sister Jenny with me to get it. Before I left I called Jason and asked him "So it's $60 right?" (that's what I had taken out of the ATM) he said "well, I got her to take $55..." me "what? I got 3 twenties, I'm paying her $60 dollars Jason" him "no, go buy a coke or something and get yourself some change.." Ha. Him and his five dollars! The lady got paid $60. She was so nice and had a adorable 6 month old baby boy. Anyhoo, the monitor is so cool! His next purchase was the glider rocker for the nursery. This was all this past weekend, by the way. He wastes no time! He finally found one in Nashville for $60! It's in perfect condition! It's a few years old, but you would never know that by looking at it. So that was our weekend, picking up Craigslist baby stuff, and it was all worth it!

Sunday, August 30, 2009

It really is a boy!!

Or, as my sister Joni called him, "the Chosen One". Hahaaha! We are SO excited and somewhat surprised. Everyone, and I mean almost everyone, predicted a boy for us. So we had the extra ultrasound yesterday at a place called 4D Peek Boutique in Franklin. It was the best experience! I loved it! We had my mom, Jason's mom Lynn, both sisters and all my nieces, except for baby Elye Kate. The ultrasound itself was projected onto the wall, which was huge! It was sooo cool! It was definitely a wonderful first ultrasound experience. I think Jason spotted "the boy" part on baby Corlew before anyone else. He said "what's that sticking up there??" The ultrasound tech said "Looks like you have a boy!" All the little girls started cheering! Grace was dancing around the was so adorable and emotional. It's just a cool feeling to know our family will finally get to experience a baby boy! My sister Jenny asked her youngest, Lyla, who is a lover of all boy toys, if she was going to share her cars and such. She just grinned the biggest grin. I kinda wish now I would have had someone taking pictures..of course I think of this now. Afterward, Jason, mom, Lynn and I went to lunch(mmmm...chimichanga) dropped Jason off at home and us girls went to Kohls and bought some of the cutest little boy newborn onesies and sleepers. Whew...It was a fun day. So here's to you little Easton Daniel Corlew..we love you already.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Fun weekend with the girls..

My mom and three of my nieces, Grace, Reesi and Lyla, came and stayed the weekend at our house. Which is their FAVORITE thing to do, by the way. For some reason they think it's a mini vacation. There is always a couple bubble baths, movies, playing at a cool playground and sleeping in the king size bed with Mimi. I didn't take a whole lot of pictures, but here are a few. Oh, and we went to a consignment sale and mom got me the cutest diaper bag! I love it!! It can go either way, boy or girl, I think!

Wishful thinking??

Jason's mom gave me some of his baby clothes today, including the outfit and hat he came home in. I think since we did the pee test, it kinda confirmed in her mind that it really might be a boy! The clothes are adorable..if this baby is a boy, it would be so cute to put some of these on him for church. She would LOVE that! We are starting the countdown to gender day now...we are so excited. Saturday the 29th at 10 am!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Intelligender Test

My sister Joni had wanted me to do the "pee in the Drano" gender test last week, but for once in this pregnancy I could only produce a 1/2 teaspoon of pee-pee. So I had seen at Walgreens that the had a test called the Intelligender Test. $29.99! Yeah, I know..expensive. I didn't buy it at first, but it's been bugging me since I didn't get to do Joni's Drano Gender test. I broke down yesterday and bought it. I know it's probably crap, but hey, I was curious. You have to use the first morning pee, so I did it this morning. Jason was already up and got to watch, the test, not me peeing. It's supposed to turn dirty pond water brownish green(the color of the label where it says boy) or some other color, I can't remember, if it's a girl. Well, it turned the boy color almost immediately! Jason grabbed his phone and called his 6:00 am!!!! I didn't do that, I waited about an hour or so. It's probably not accurate, but it was kinda cool to see that anyway! So next weekend, we will be able to tell if the Intelligender test is trustworthy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

It's almost gender time!

These two pics have nothing to do with this post, but I had to put them up here. It's my beautiful niece Elye Kate. I got to see her last week and took these. She is getting so big and chubby! Love her to pieces!

Jason and I are so excited! We find out what this little toot is in two weeks! August 29th @ 10 am to be exact. We were going to have to wait till September 22nd for my Dr. to do the ultrasound to find out at 20 some weeks, but not anymore! One of my friends who is also pregnant told me about these 3d/4d ultrasound "boutiques" around Nashville that will do ultrasounds earlier to find out gender. I got on the website and sure enough..there is one that said "We can find gender out starting at 15 weeks!!" What?? I'm 15 weeks this week! I was so pumped. So I called and talked to the tech at this one in Franklin. For $75 they will do a regular black/white 2d scan to determine gender and give you a peak at the baby. I asked about having the 4d one done this early and she said that they usually do those starting at 28-30 weeks. She said at this stage the baby can still look "a little alien-ish". Oh. Well, in that case I DON'T need to have the 4d one! I am already worried about how this baby is going to look. I look at mine and Jason's baby pics and get a little freaked out. See, we both had this stage around 5-7 months where our heads were enormous. Jason had this bulging forehead and mine looked like a hot air balloon. SO needless to say, I am afraid I would do this 4d scan and the ultrasound tech would say "well, all we are going to be able to see is this babies head" because it's taking up the whole screen! I know for a fact that I am not the only pregnant woman out there that has worried about their baby being ugly and big-headed, because I Googled it. There are women that feel the exact same way! So, in two weeks hopefully if the baby cooperates, we will know what he or she is..a he or a she! Yay!! (

The bed and dresser!

Here are the most beautiful baby bed and dresser you ever did see! Okay, that's just my opinion. We picked it up Saturday and Jason looked at me and said "umm..who's going to help us get this stuff into the house?" I hadn't thought that quite through yet, which is sooo not me! I am such a planner, but I was to excited about getting it that I didn't plan out the details. My answer was "you and a dolly" I did help a little. It wouldn't have been so bad if our house did have a bagillion stairs and it wasn't 105 degrees out. It was like 93, but if felt like 105. We got it in and it really only took about 30-35 minutes to set up. It is perfect! It has no scratches or anything that you worry about stuff that is shipped having. So I now endorse JcPenney for baby furniture! Thank you sooooooo much to my wonderful mom and dad for getting this for us!! I am so lucky and blessed to have you as my parents. I love you!!!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First of the baby stuff!

So I've already gotten some of the essential baby stuff. I know what you're thinking, that I'm only 14 weeks pregnant yada yada yada. Well, I will have you know, that there is nothing wrong with being prepared. My mom and dad have also got us the bedroom furniture, but we haven't picked it up yet. That's our project this weekend. So, the first thing we got was the high chair. Actually, we got two. Jason found them on Craigslist from a lady who had twins. My mother-in-law said if we would pick them up, she would pay for them. So we get one and she gets one for her house. She is just as excited about getting baby stuff as I am. They are really nice high chairs. I would've set it all up for the picture, but I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to get it folded up again. I need the written instructions. Ha. I'll figure it out by the time the baby needs it. The next item that my wonderful mother-in-law( and father-in-law, he reminds me that it was HIS credit card :)got us was the car seat/stroller. I had picked it out when my mom and I went to Babys r us a few weeks back. I love it! I test drove it around the house a bit last night and only ran it into about three door frames. I need to work on the driving a bit..hee hee. The next ordeal will be putting the base in the'm not doing that yet. I'm not going to be THAT prepared. But it looked pretty difficult. When we get the baby furniture up I'll post some pics of that! Yay!