Friday, November 13, 2009

Some shower goodies!

I have another excuse this time for not blogging in awhile. Jason and I went to Franklin to hang out with my sister's and nieces for Halloween, and I dropped my camera on the kitchen floor and broke it. Well, it wasn't even my camera. It was Jenny's old one. SO..I haven't been able to take any pictures of anything lately. I had my shower last weekend and Jenny took pictures for me, but I haven't seen her to get them. But we got a camera today!! Yay! We had some cash from the shower along with a Target gift card..and we came home w/ a new Canon! I love it! So here are few of my favorite things I got as gifts. My sister Joni has recently taken up sewing. Which is so cool! She found this cowboy fabric I love and made me a blanket, tag blankie, 2 burp cloths and 2 bibs!!!!!! They are SO adorable!! It makes them so special because she made them herself! Thanks Joni!!! The next gift was the canvas that my sister Jenny painted of Easton's name. Jason and I hung it over his dresser and it looks so good! Jenny makes these as a side business and she is really good at it! I love this canvas! Jason's mom also got Easton his bedding, which was a huge surprise. It looks really cute with his bed. I will post some more pics of the shower when I get the disc from Jenny....:)

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  1. The room looks so good. And all that stress about the camera for no reason! It just meant that you got a new one!!