Saturday, November 21, 2009

28 week 3d/4d ultrasound

We had our 3d/4d ultrasound today at 4d Peek Boutique. It was really so cool! When the tech first started, she said he was in breech position, which can make it difficult to get good views of the face. Easton must have knew we was really looking forward to seeing him, so he cooperated as much as he could while he was asleep. Which he was most of the time, with his little mouth just hanging open...just like his mommy sleeps! I bet he was even snoring. I do a lot of that now days. Jason says I sound like a wildabeast(whatever that is). Anyhoo..he is definitely his father's son. A common trait among Corlew men is the cleft or dimple in their chin. Easton is already sporting one. He also has his daddy's nose. I'm not sure if he will even remotely look like me, but oh well. Like my mom in law said today "you're just the incubator honey". He also has some cheeks! Oh they are so cute already! I am a little more at ease knowing that he doesn't look like a monkey or anything. Ha. So we only have 12 more weeks or so till he get to see him in the flesh!

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  1. I like the next to the last one the best. He does have some smooshy cheeks!