Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Craigslist stuff...

Jason has become a Craigslist addict. He has convinced himself he can find the best deals in the whole world on Craigslist. To be honest, he has found some really good ones for Easton. It started with the swing that I have been looking at for awhile now. It was posted a couple times and they wouldn't take what he wanted to pay. So he waited..and finally they took it. Well, I think it was five dollars more than what he offered, but I told him to just buy it already. It is so cute, and practically brand new. Brand new from store- $189.99 Craigslist price- $80. Pretty good deal huh? Then came the baby monitor I wanted. It's the kind with the TV monitor so you can see the baby, even at night. The lady was in Franklin so I took my sister Jenny with me to get it. Before I left I called Jason and asked him "So it's $60 right?" (that's what I had taken out of the ATM) he said "well, I got her to take $55..." me "what? I got 3 twenties, I'm paying her $60 dollars Jason" him "no, go buy a coke or something and get yourself some change.." Ha. Him and his five dollars! The lady got paid $60. She was so nice and had a adorable 6 month old baby boy. Anyhoo, the monitor is so cool! His next purchase was the glider rocker for the nursery. This was all this past weekend, by the way. He wastes no time! He finally found one in Nashville for $60! It's in perfect condition! It's a few years old, but you would never know that by looking at it. So that was our weekend, picking up Craigslist baby stuff, and it was all worth it!


  1. Tell him to find one of those monitors for me!! I love the swing too.

  2. I wish that people around here posted good stuff on Craigslist. My sister buys EVERYTHING off of Craigslist (Austin,TX) and the prices are great!! Jason is doing a great job finding these things!