Saturday, September 26, 2009

I believe he's movin' & groovin'...

I have been wondering when I would feel Easton move. I've had a few different people tell me a few different times of when I should feel him, of course. Just like everything else, I Googled it. "thank goodness for Google", that's what Jason says when I reveal to him another informative tidbit I have discovered. If I called my dr. for each thing I have found by Google-ing, they would think I am the most annoying patient ever. I think I felt him a week ago, but then two night's ago Jason actually felt two tiny kicks!! We both just started laughing, like this baby is already the most hilarious child ever. It was a really cool moment for both of us. Of course, I haven't had any big kicks since. But I was told that my placenta is in the back, so I will feel everything in the months to come. Fabulous! The ultrasound tech told me to get lots of sleep now. No problem..I happen to be very good at that!


  1. That is so exciting!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nice, I can't wait until he's big enough for me to watch your belly dance.