Wednesday, August 12, 2009

First of the baby stuff!

So I've already gotten some of the essential baby stuff. I know what you're thinking, that I'm only 14 weeks pregnant yada yada yada. Well, I will have you know, that there is nothing wrong with being prepared. My mom and dad have also got us the bedroom furniture, but we haven't picked it up yet. That's our project this weekend. So, the first thing we got was the high chair. Actually, we got two. Jason found them on Craigslist from a lady who had twins. My mother-in-law said if we would pick them up, she would pay for them. So we get one and she gets one for her house. She is just as excited about getting baby stuff as I am. They are really nice high chairs. I would've set it all up for the picture, but I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to get it folded up again. I need the written instructions. Ha. I'll figure it out by the time the baby needs it. The next item that my wonderful mother-in-law( and father-in-law, he reminds me that it was HIS credit card :)got us was the car seat/stroller. I had picked it out when my mom and I went to Babys r us a few weeks back. I love it! I test drove it around the house a bit last night and only ran it into about three door frames. I need to work on the driving a bit..hee hee. The next ordeal will be putting the base in the'm not doing that yet. I'm not going to be THAT prepared. But it looked pretty difficult. When we get the baby furniture up I'll post some pics of that! Yay!


  1. I love your stroller/carseat combo. And great find on Craigslist. I wish we had a good Craigslist around here. It's kinda crazy, you are buying your baby stuff and I just gave the rest of my baby stuff away today. Time flies, enjoy all this fun stuff!! I would love to come see your house soon. Can't wait to see the baby's room pics next. Miss ya girly.

  2. Isnt it exciting to pick out the baby stuff? Of course I am so over this phase in my life, lol. I cant wait to see the nursery pics!