Monday, August 17, 2009

The bed and dresser!

Here are the most beautiful baby bed and dresser you ever did see! Okay, that's just my opinion. We picked it up Saturday and Jason looked at me and said "umm..who's going to help us get this stuff into the house?" I hadn't thought that quite through yet, which is sooo not me! I am such a planner, but I was to excited about getting it that I didn't plan out the details. My answer was "you and a dolly" I did help a little. It wouldn't have been so bad if our house did have a bagillion stairs and it wasn't 105 degrees out. It was like 93, but if felt like 105. We got it in and it really only took about 30-35 minutes to set up. It is perfect! It has no scratches or anything that you worry about stuff that is shipped having. So I now endorse JcPenney for baby furniture! Thank you sooooooo much to my wonderful mom and dad for getting this for us!! I am so lucky and blessed to have you as my parents. I love you!!!


  1. Beautiful!! I love that you are letting me follow your pregnancy on here! Luv Ya!

  2. love it and you do have lots of steps!

  3. VERY NICE!!! Great choice! LOVE IT!