Friday, April 23, 2010

There is such a thing as blog awards?

I am new to this whole blogging thing. My two sisters each have one and I got the idea from them. I first started it when I was pregnant to kinda "journal" my pregnancy. Then about two weeks after Easton was born I was diagnosed with postpartum deppression/anxiety. The blog then became a way for me to get the crazy things I was feeling out of my head. It's hard for me to type out the stuff and then go back and read it. It's scary. I became "addicted" to googling different blogs and articles about PPD/PPA and came across some wonderful, uplifting blogs. These blogs are written by strong mommies who are going through the same struggles as me. It was like a weight off my shoulders almost when I read their stories. I couldn't believe that there were women out there that had the exact same haunting feelings as me. I didn't feel so alone. That is a major symptom of my PPD. I feel sort of connected with these women who I don't even know. Some of them have commented on my posts and wrote the sweetest things. So today I was checking out two of the blogs that I follow and I saw that they had recieved what's called the Kreativ Blogger award. Then I scroll down and see that they have given it to me too! Once you recieve it you have to give it to seven blogs that you enjoy reading and find "Kreativ". I am so grateful for this award! I had no idea that I even had got it! The rules of the award are to

1. Post the award (done, this one only took an hour to figure out)

2. Thank and mention the person(s) who gave you this award ( Thank you Ivy from
Ivy's PPD Blog...thanks so much! and from Kimberly at
All Work & No Play Makes Mommy Go Something Something ...thank you!!)

3. Pass the award on to seven blogs that you find worthy of such an award
Jenny at Daily Life with our two CRAZY girls (my sis!) Joni at Enjoy Every
Minute..(my sis too), Megan at So Happy Together, Holly at Little Bit of Life,
Laura at Never Be the Same, Katie at I Though I Loved You Then and Raechel at
Finding My Feet

4. List seven things others don't know about you. Ummm....this is hard.

1. The only reason I went to dental assisting school years ago was
cause there wasn't any math classes to take. I only had to count
to 32.

2. For a long time I didn't even want to have children.

3. I am a preacher's daughter.

4. I had the same pillow for like 10 years. Gross right?

5. I was a waitress at a Ponderose for a day. I am NOT cut out for that.

6. I predicted I would get PPD

7. I was married once before. HUGE mistake. HUGE.

Thanks again so much to Ivy and Kim for the award. I hope I did everything right!


  1. I don't even remember the Pondarosa thing (i cannot spell that word).
    I may sit this one out since I've done it once already, you know I am such a popular blogger, right (ha)

  2. Hey! Just found your blog. I struggled with PPD too. Sounds like things are getting better--wonderful! I hope your recovery keeps going well. Looking forward to reading more of your blog.

  3. Know what's funny? I wanted to be a dental hygenist but couldn't stand teeth!