Monday, February 27, 2012

1st week: FAIL

I'm not sure why I can't be good enough this time.

I'm not sure why I can't just go to bed at night, instead of staying up and eating my son's leftover macaroni and cheese. I wasn't even hungry.

I'm not sure why I can't use the fact that I HATE my body as motivation enough to NOT SHOVE more food in my mouth.

I'm not sure why I keep longing for the person I was before I had Easton.

I miss her. you miss 'her'? Yes. Then why can't you be disciplined enough with this diet to do what it takes to get 'her' back?

I'm not sure.


  1. That's pretty normal. You're not the only one. I just ate a half bag of tortilla chips and ranch last night just to get it out of the house. Maybe I should throw it away next time! I wish we were closer so we could work out together!

  2. Hello there! I just found you through Miss Madison's Charmed Life and felt I couldn't come here and just read your post without saying something. Motherhood, fitness, food, etc. is all so much more complicated than we all really care for it to be right? In can do it. And maybe not daily, but you'll get there. I have 3 kiddos, 6.5, 4.5, and almost 3. Sometime after each of them were born, I was diagnosed or relapsed with a rare kidney disease. Treatment was prednisone. It makes you gain weight, it makes your face puffy like a chipmunk. There were days I couldn't look in the mirror. It was a very difficult time for me, my marriage, etc. Now in good health, although I loved the person I was before kids...I realized I could and wanted to become a better version of who I was then. I saw your post below about working out on your treadmill. I encourage you to do it again, every day. I remember at one point I started out jogging 1 minute, walking 4 minutes...for 5 days. The next week jogging 1 minute, walking 3 minutes, etc....5 days. A little something will see the difference and feel great.

    It's not about be good enough, being the best, having a bikini body, or understanding why we feel all the things we do from day to day or hour to hour, but sometimes it's just doing what we know works.

    I'm not perfect by any means...hello??? I snuck a little chocolate today :-), BUT I hope this somehow encourages your beautiful self to stick with it, day by day, and not beat yourself up over the slip ups. Don't let the times you feel like a failure take your goals away from're worth it.

    1. Wow. Thanks so much. Such a sweet comment from someone I don't made my morning. :-)