Thursday, January 14, 2010

36 weeks

So I was 36 weeks on Wednesday. It's getting so close but it still doesn't seem real! I mean, it seems real to my body. Which is huge, stretched, pimply, dimply and downright uncomfortable. But the fact that we could have a baby in this house by the end of the month...that's kinda not real yet. I have all the stuff ready..but I don't know if my brain is ready. One thing I do know, is that my husband is ready. Even if the reason he's ready is because he's taking a week off from work when baby comes. Jason has been SO busy at work these days that I see him for about 2 hours a day. This cold snap has had pipes busting all over Nashville, and it seems Jason has to fix ALL of them. He says that taking care of a newborn for his week off will really seem like a vacation. That's how busy he is. We both just keep saying "let's just thank God that you have a job!" Which is so true these days.
So I start going to the dr weekly now. She starts doing those fun "checks" know what I mean. Well, we had a concern that this little bundle was still breech..cause he was for awhile there. So when I went on Monday, she gloved up and did her check and announced "you are 2 cm dilated, 50% effaced and he is head down!" Wow! I knew she had really gone for the gusto when she stuck her hand up there, but that fact that she can tell where is head is already! WHew. Weird! I told Jason this after the appointment and he was amazed. Jason: "so if I stick MY hand up there, I could feel his HEAD???!!" Me: "" Let's stick to shoving your hand in people pipes at their houses, not my "pipes". Even in my I've never had a baby before opinion, I think we're off to a good start for 36 weeks! Only 8 more cm to go! Whoo-hoo?! I'll keep ya posted.


  1. Oh my goodness, I am seriously laughing out loud about Jason right now.
    My 36 weeker was a tad too early but my 37 weeker did just fine so I hope for your sake that you get lucky and have that baby next week!!

    Dr. Hilton does not like to mess around with unexpected babies he would have already set a date for next week for this little guy's B-day. Does your Dr. do scheduled inductions or does she just make you wait for nature to take over??

  2. Well, she did induce Jenny a week early w/Lyla. But she usually lets you go a week over unless somethings wrong. Ugh.

  3. Well, I just looked and we have a full moon at the end of the month so maybe you will go into labor on your own then. There really is truth to the full moon/baby thing. It has to do with a change in the barometric pressure is what Dr. Hilton says. I am crossing my fingers that he comes sooner than later!!

  4. I'm excited!!! You'll be great!

  5. Too bad Larry and Jason don't get paid by the hour! We'd be rich!!
    Don't worry about the delivery. Us Wade girls are made to birth babies!! Well, I guess all women are made to birth babies. I guess I should say it just comes easy for us!