Tuesday, January 26, 2010

February 3rd, 2010 !!!

It's official...his birthday will be next Wednesday, February 3rd! We went for my 38 week appointment this morning and he's still breech. SOOOOO...we got to schedule the c section for next week! Wednesday is the day! I'm relieved and nervous all at the same time. I started having some MAJOR back pain this week, so I am more ready than ever. Since I am such a planner, this is perfect for me! I hate the unknown. This way I can get my house clean (if I can move off this heating pad, my back is killing me!!), get everything in order..and go have a baby extracted from my stomach. So let's all pray that everything goes as planned and Easton is healthy!!


  1. Don't worry about planning too much. It is easier just to sit in the hospital and let mom make the list for the target trip!

  2. Alright, Julie! Now that he's hear we need to hear some new mama tales! ;) Hope you guys are doing well! And congrats!