Wednesday, July 7, 2010

I hate baby colds

Easton has his first cold. It has turned our world upside down! I knew from other mom's that being sick throws everything off for your baby. Boy, are they right. I had just succeeded in getting Easton on a decent nap "schedule" and now that he's sick, it doesn't exist anymore. He just can't grasp that it's possible to sleep when you have a river of snot running out of your nose. Which I try to suction out with that bulb thing (along with using some saline drops) and he HATES it. I did it for the first time on Sunday and he screamed bloody murder after the second nostril. I just thought it freaked him out. So I went back to his room to give him his bottle and try and get him to sleep. It actually worked, he went to sleep. I was rocking him after he had finished and looked at his little nose. There was a ring of blood on the inside of one of the nostrils!! That's why he screamed! I had bloodied his nose! I felt horrible. That's when I went and got some saline drops to try and not do that again. But you know what he doesn't freak out about that I have done a million times the past few days? Stick a thermometer in his butt. Yup, my son would rather have a thermometer in his crack, than snot sucked out of his nose so he can breathe. He just lays there, chewing his toes, grinning at me. (which by the way, I have learned, makes him poop. Note to self..always have wipes handy when checking his temp) Weird...and a bit disturbing. He has also reverted back to being up ALL the time at night. The first night he was sick, I sat up in the rocking chair all night holding him. He just couldn't sleep laying flat. It was exhausting. I had made a resolution to get my chubby behind on the treadmill everyday, and now I am so tired I can't even walk to the bonus room and get on it. Actually, I'm more exhausted just sitting here writing about getting on the treadmill. My sister told me that you don't have to work out on "sick days". So after two days of my resolution, I am taking a break. Ha. When I can get him back to napping during the day, I will get back on the horse, er, treadmill. Okay, something amazing just happened. I had laid him down about 15 minutes ago to see if he would go to sleep..and he did. Flat on his back!!!! He has NEVER been able to sleep on his back! He must be extremely tired to have fallen asleep, on his own, on his back. Wow. Maybe this is a good sign. Well, I should take advantage of this nap, who knows how long it will last. I need a shower and a good tooth brushing. I don't think I even brushed my teeth yesterday..I am so gross.


  1. Sorry for Elye's little gift!! Hope he is better soon!

  2. Oh no, poor Easton (and you too)! The only good thing about a sick baby is that they want to cuddle. Hope he gets to feeling better soon!

  3. Sometimes I wish moms could have sick days.

    On a side note, there is a new "booger sucker" that we bought last year that is so much better than the 'old school' ones. The little ones still hate having it done, but it's not as bad (tried on myself). LoL

    Check it out:

    BebeSounds NasalClear Battery Operated Nasal Aspirator

    (And I only dream that someone would be paying me to say this. So not the case.)

  4. By the way, I recently received the Sunshine Award and want to pass it on to you.