Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Peek a boo..

This is the most recent move he does when I lay him down for his nap. He peeks. I watch on the monitor, and he pulls down the bumper pad and peeks out, like, "is she really gone?? wow..look at all my toys down there on the floor, sure wish I was playin'". It is adorable. He started pulling the bumper pad completely off first..I have ordered one of those breathable bumpers, that won't come off. I just thought this was to cute not to take a picture!!


  1. Nice Momma, I just made elye sleep with her head against the hard rails.

  2. Adore these moments when they are still caged in a crib...LOL. I'm not that mean. My son just graduated to a big boy bed and we can't keep him in there! He actually learned how to climb out of the crib a few months ago...EEEKS!