Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Easton @ 6 months

Six months ago yesterday, Jason and I were blessed with a amazingly beautiful baby boy. It is hard to believe it's really been six months! Easton, you amaze us every day with your faces and sounds that you have perfected. Here are some things you spend your days doing..

* day. You literally will not bend your knees to sit down unless forced!

*you can sit up on your own though! You will topple over at some point, but you are basically doing it all by yourself

*you aren't quite crawling, but are soo close!

*you still don't sleep through the night..but feeding twice is better than every two hours!!

*you are loving the baby food! Anything mommy puts in your mouth, you eat!

*you are finally up to taking 4-6 oz of formula! Ya-hoo!

*you love to blow "bubbles", really it's just spitting all over the place, but it's so cute!

*you love to screech! That's how you communicate these days..hilarious!

*daddy says you're a momma's boy..:-)

Those are just some of the lovely and amazing things that you do now days. Mommy and Daddy love you SO much and can't imagine what we ever did with out you..umm..besides sleep..but other than are our missing link, baby boy!


  1. Happy 6 months!! Love the photos, he is so adorable!

  2. Already seems like a different baby than two weeks ago. They change so fast.

  3. Happy 6 months!!! He is so adorable!! My little guy who isn't so little is turning 2 on Saturday... *sniff

  4. Easton is SO beautiful. He should be gracing the covers of a magazine! Those eyes...

  5. What beautiful pictures. Take as many as you can. Won't be long and you will be writing the same blog I just wrote today about my almost 5 year old BIG boy! Have fun. Rena