Thursday, August 26, 2010

Where's the doody?

Easton has this habit of starting to poop in the middle of his bottles. Being the kind of baby that can only do one thing at a time..he stops eating..and finishes pooping. Sometimes I can get him to finish the bottle, but most of the time not. So..we change the diaper. His other "bad" to act like he's done pooping, then he pulls a "sike! you thought I was done huh?" on me. He finishes while I'm changing him. TMI..I know, such is the glamorous life of a SAHM. Anyhoo, I change him, put him down for his nap and go wash my hands. I go about fixing my lunch and sit down in front of our laptop and tv to enjoy a little time to myself. But I keep smelling poop. I look on my shirt, look everywhere,,no poop. I finish my lunch and get a couple snackwell cookies and some milk. Dunking the cookie, I still smell poop. I finish the first cookie and FINALLY notice a dark smudge on the knuckle of my dunking hand. guessed it. I had poop on the cookie dunking knuckle. The remaining cookies don't look so good anymore. And if you knew would know I rarely leave a cookie behind. So it turns out that putting your kids poop on the back of the hand that you eat with, is a good appetite suppressant. There you go..Julie's diet tip of the day.