Monday, December 20, 2010


Why is putting into words what I am feeling sometimes so stinkin' hard??? I've had a post in mind and haven't for the life of me, been able to type it out. I will start, then I read it back and it sounds like a 2nd grader wrote it (no offense to 2nd graders) or it just doesn't express what's going on in my head. Maybe that's a hint as to what's going on in my head is WAAAY to scary to be on a blog. (haha?) Anyway..I've had some really blue days in the past couple weeks. I know I posted about being boring and feeling better and yada yada yada..but there's been something lurking that is driving me batty. I feel okay some days, then the rest of the week I'm It's not helping to tell myself that I have no reason to be sad. I try that, often. It's kinda scary because of my dealing with PPD/PPA in the not so distant past. The feelings are very familiar to me, and they bring a lot of extra weight with them. I tend to get on here and go to my faithful blogs that I read, and see that everyone has bad days. It's OK. Today I went to one blog that I check often, but it's not on my blog list. I don't even really know how I found it. But this blog has moved me. I've been reading it for a couple months now and I feel like I NEED to know what's going on with this lovely family. Just google
"eb ing mommy" The actual address is Courtney has a sweet little toddler named Tripp, who has a disease called Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa. Her blog is heartbreaking and inspiring all at the same time. I don't have the knowledge to explain this disease to you, just go visit her site. She never fails to post about not only the sadness and stress of her son's horrible disease, but she always makes sure to let you know that he is a blessing to her and her family. That her life wouldn't be the same with out him, and that she trusts that God knows what he's doing by giving her this beautiful baby who suffers from EB. All I know is that her blog makes me count my blessings. I am in no way saying that all I need to do is count my blessings and my depression will go away. But I am in a different place now. When I read Courtney's posts now, they do make me feel better. Five months ago..they would've done no good. Whatever..I'm no good at explaining myself in typed words. Just go visit Courtney's blog, then count your blessings. I hope everyone has a very Merry Christmas, eats a whole lotta crap and falls off the diet wagon with me.


  1. I will have to check it out. We all need reminders to be thankful and content.

  2. I follow your blog often. I can completely relate to the "off" feeling, down to not being able to articulate that feeling. I too suffered ppd/a and ocd after my baby was born. Counting our blessings is a great tool, but I agree, it won't take the depression away. I hope your "off" feelings subside soon. Have a wonderful Christmas! And please keep blogging, I love reading your posts.

  3. Sometimes we need that little dose of reality to make us feel blessed with what we have.
    It's ok to have bad days. Just remember all the good days in between.