Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Just go away

What is with this sadness that is filling me up like a cup about to overflow? I was feeling so good for awhile. }sigh{ I just can't seem to shake it. It's also crazy that I've done two blog posts in less than 24 hours. I've already cried today, and that hasn't happened in awhile either. I laid Easton down for his nap and just lost it. I should be looking forward to Christmas, but I'm not. This post is going to be a silly rambling piece of work, but I just need to get some stuff off my chest. There's no one really to call right now and cry too..so I decided to write. I wish I could say it's PMS, but I don't think it is. My days seem so long and endless with nothing really to do. It's horrible to feel this way right now because Easton is so cute and funny and I need to be enjoying the last of his baby-ness, but I'm struggling to find that joy. (run on sentence, I know) I just want it to go away.


  1. Julie, this season is difficult because we are expected to be jolly and full of magic and reindeer magic dust and when we aren't feeling like that and when the season isn't up to our expectations we fall in to sadness. It's ok to be sad. It's ok to not be swept up in Christmas. I know that you badly want to be and that every corner you turn there's a commercial or song telling you how you should feel makes it that much more difficult.
    Have a good solid cry and Nurish you and your soul with things that make you feel good. This will pass. I promise ;(

  2. Come have a play date with me and Will. If I don't get out of the house on a very regular basis, I start to feel really down. We should get together with our babies! Hope you feel better really soon!