Sunday, December 26, 2010

Easton's first Christmas

The past two posts were so depressing, I would've posted something jolly before now, but we've been busy. I just had a really bad few weeks there before Christmas. Of course I started feeling better once I was surrounded by my family..I knew I would. I'm not sure if it was the cold, dreary weather that had me down, but I'm glad I'm out of that little "slump". Whew. It's like I know it isn't going to last, due to my past experience's, but I can never convince myself of it during said "slump. Easton and I are staying in Indiana with my parents, sister and my niece's for a few days, so this should be fun! Jason had to go back to work tomorrow, so he left this afternoon.
Easton's first Christmas has been so fun! It snowed here in Indiana, so it was also white! He opened some really cool presents, then crawled over and started playing with the old toys mom had out. I got some cute pics though...Hope everyone had a holly jolly Christmas!

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  1. What an amazing set of photos! You can just SEE magic. :)