Tuesday, July 14, 2009

It's official...

Well, I started my 10 weeks milestone off today by wearing my first pair of maternity jeans. I LOVE THEM. I don't care who tells me I shouldn't be wearing them yet, because I am wearing these things and I am loving it. I did check w/my sister's to see if it was semi-normal or I'm just super fat. It turns out they wore them too about this time in their pregnancies. Although it might have been their second pregnancies..but they kept that to themselves, and I appreciate that. I have also decided I just might wear maternity jeans forever and ever. Or at least to Thanksgiving dinner every year, pregnant or not. These things rule. I can breathe! And going to the potty doesn't take extra time to re-do the rubberband that is wrapped around the button of my normal jeans. I am wearing maternity pants! For some reason I actually feel kinda pregnant instead of just fat! Whoo-hoo!! I must say, just to make myself feel a little better, they are a tad big. But I think that's why I love them. Thank you Joni and Jenny, I have found my calling, life time supporter of wearing maternity jeans, all the time.

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  1. I love maternity pants. If they made them for men I would own a pair. I have barely even noticed the mood swings. Except for the other night when I thought she was going to stab me a vegetable peeler for saying that the food needed a little salt. As for the farting I was woken up out of dead sleep the other night by what I thought was an intruder. I did not know that you could laugh out loud while still half a sleep.