Thursday, July 9, 2009

Story of us...

I love reading blogs. Personally, I never thought I would be blogging about myself. Who wants to read about me?? But last night I woke up for the fourth time to pee in the night and couldn't go back to sleep. For some reason this blog was in my head. See, I'm pregnant for the 1st time. There are some things happening to my body that I have been not so happy about and I know the people around me are sick of hearing about it. I know my husband is. Bless his heart.
Jason and I weren't so sure about having kids for a little while. We've been married for two years, together for 5. I turned 31 in December of last year and thought "umm..not getting any younger..maybe we should have a baby." So..I stopped taking the pill in February. The pill had been my best friend for 13 years. Naturally, we thought it would take a bit for me to "get back on track". "A bit", for me was only 3 months. I didn't even know I was ovulating!! Those silly little ovulation sticks I was peeing on were telling me I wasn't. So I didn't think I was. Jason and our best friends, Leslie and Sheldon, go on vacation to Florida in May and guess what? Yup. I got pregnant. How romantic huh? I officially have the air brushed t-shirt.."I got knocked up in Panama City Beach!" Not really, but now that I think about it, it would be pretty humorous.
So that's how it happened. Here I am 9 weeks pregnant and haven't loved one minute of it. I'm thinking of this blog as my way to vent. Enjoy..I hope.


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