Thursday, July 9, 2009

My take on advice... I know that you've had babies and you want to help me understand pregnancy a little bit more, but it's getting old already. If I hear, "I only gained 15lbs my whole pregnancy.." or "get ready to never sleep or have a social life again!" or " You shouldn't even be thinking about maternity clothes yet!" or "you're not supposed to gain any weight your first trimester." I will scream. Literally, I am going to scream right there, in front of the person who says it. Just scream, and watch their faces. Now don't get me wrong, my two sisters who have had two babies a piece, know I ask plenty of questions. I think that's different than just deciding to tell me all the horrors of their own pregnancies for no reason. And why is it always the bad stuff?? Or does that mean there is only band stuff?? Whatever the case is I will soon find out and promise never to give un-asked for advice to some other poor, suffering 1st timer.


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  1. I look forward to reading your blog. You're a great writer (but I will have to point out your grammer mistakes, as you do for me and Joni) :)