Thursday, July 9, 2009

What's going on at 9 weeks..........

When I first found out I was pregnant, I didn't have many symptoms. A week went by with still no problems. But there have been some things sprout up here and there in the past few weeks that are really starting to get on my nerves.....
1. Gas- Yup, gas. Ask my husband about this one and he will just shake his head sadly. For you girly-girls out there that cringe at the word "fart"..well..don't get pregnant. I still find it amusing and end up laughing when "it" happens. I know, that's very childish, but I've always been one to laugh when someone rips a good one. Luckily, I've been at home or in the car(sometimes that's not so lucky) when the ole belly starts to rumble or I might not be laughing at this one so much. So,this one is definitely the most amusing out of the bunch.

2. Nausea- Very common, I know. But mostly it's making me feel like if I ate something, I would feel better. Maybe that's why I've already gained some of those pounds all those people are telling me I'm not supposed to have gained. (run-on sentence?)

3. Stopped up nose!- UGH! This one is really driving me nuts!! It's one of the reasons I'm not sleeping good at night. Breathe-Right strips have failed me. Who in the world would have thought being pregnant would make your nose stop up! Evidently it's from the increased blood supply in my body. Oh good, I'm SO glad there's at least a good reason for this one.

4. Killer boobs- And when I say killer, I'm mean they're about to kill me. They hurt. Jason keeps asking when during the pregnancy do they get even bigger. He is such a concerned husband...

5. Bloated waistline- Now I never had a flat stomach. There was always an element of poochiness there. But come on! I actually had someone say to me"you're not supposed to be showing yet!" Yeah..I know..thanks for pointing that out. You and that what to expect when you're expecting book(which by the way, needs to be updated!)can kiss my..sorry..just a little hormonal outburst there. You would think that from the amount of time I spend on symptom #1 up there, that all the bloated-ness would have gone away. Nooo sirree. Oh..or it could be the pounds I wasn't supposed to have already gained. Whatever...bottom line, I'm bloated and I can't button my pants.

6. Moodiness- Umm..I was moody before I got pregnant so......yeah.

7. Heartburn- Already??? I thought this was later? So it can last all 40 weeks? Sweet.

8. Heart palpatations- This one freaked me out at first. Thank goodness for Google! Again..normal. And again, due to the increased blood supply. Doc says it's okay as long as they don't last like 15 minutes or something. 15 minutes??!! I would have driven myself to the emergency room if one had lasted 15 minutes!

9.Pimples- They are everywhere, okay, not everywhere, but I have my share.
The pimple of the week, this week, is on my eye. Yes on my eye, right under my eyebrow. Not hidden in the eyebrow, although I've had one of those too. It's on the way to being gone, but it won't be forgotten, I'm a squeezer. I know, I know, that leaves scars. Well it had to be done. Oh, the other contender for the grossest one was on my neck. Yuck. On my neck. It looked actually more like a boil than a zit. That one took an extra 10 minutes in the morning to camoflauge. Jason is actually getting "sympathy zits". You know, you've heard of husbands having sympathy symptoms when there wives are pregnant..well, he told me he is getting "sympathy zits." Hee-hee. He does have one on his neck that matched my own boil a couple weeks ago. We are two gross people right now. Oh well, at least we're gross together.

10.Constant peeing- All the time. Especially at night. Or that's when I notice it the most because I'm so mad at having to get out of bed. I'm trying to think of it as preparing me for getting up every 3 hours to feed this baby. See, I can be positive!

So that's the list. I actually do feel better after typing all that out. Maybe I won't have to call one of my sisters, or mom and gripe about any of them tonight. Blogging is theraputic after all!


  1. Yep, that about sums it up. The heartburn you have now is nothing. Wait until about 32-34 weeks, maybe sooner can't remember. You won't even be able to bend down without acid rolling up your throat! Enjoy the middle weeks of pregnancy, those are the best!

  2. So funny Julie. You should write a book. There is a book I saw at Target called, I was a good mom before I had a baby. I always think of you when I see that book. It talks about all the hard things about kids. You could totally write a book like that.

  3. Congrats Julie, you'll be a great mom!!!!