Friday, May 14, 2010

I've got a plan..

So Easton did wonderful at his GI tests this week. He was a trooper. The Dr's saw only 2 small instances of reflux during the whole test. There is also nothing anatomcially wrong with his digestive system that would keep him from eating. His Dr seems to think he has a feeding aversion that some babies with reflux develop because they associate pain with feeding. He doesn't latch on correctly to the bottle and that also can happen to babies with reflux. What we are probably dealing with now is a habit of "snacking" every two hours and being put to sleep with a bottle in his mouth. I was always so afraid that there was something wrong with him that kept him from eating, that I was constantly giving in and feeding him whenever he fussed. I came to the conclusion @ 3:30 this morning as I was standing in front of the microwave, with my pajama pants on backwards, hair a mess, wearing my orthotic flip flops cause my feet have been hurting, heating up his bottle( don't worry you mom's who want to tell me your not supposed to use the microwave to heat up bottles..I pour the formula into a GLASS measuring cup and then test it with my impeccably clean finger before giving it to him) that I was NOT going to stick a bottle in this baby's mouth every 2 hours anymore. I am OVER it. Now that I know there is no reason why he can't eat, he is going to get on a schedule whether he likes it or not. He is also NOT going to be rocked to sleep with said bottle in his mouth. So it starts today. His morning nap was a battle that lasted an hour and a half. But I won. He ate almost 3.5 oz and got put in his crib drowsy. He immediately started whining. So I left him. I only went in to comfort and calm him down. He finally fell asleep. One bottle/nap down...many more to go. He finished his bottle @ 8:00am, so he is NOT being fed again till 11 am. I am done letting him run the show. It's my turn. I'm the one that's read all the books on how it should go..not him! SO wish me luck. I will succeed.


  1. Sorry to hear that you got overruled by the doctor and lost:(
    I promise one day he will eventually like to eat!

  2. Yeah..I guess I blogged to soon. ha.