Sunday, June 20, 2010

Happy Father's Day!

First I'll start by saying Happy Father's day to my husband and my dad. Both are very important men in my life and I love them both immensely. I forgot to send my dad a card, which I never forget to do. I feel really bad about that. I am going to blame it on Easton. (hee hee) Ever since I had brain has lost half it's capacity to hold information. I forget a lot of things nowadays. Anyhoo..I called my dad this morning to let him know how much I love him.
I haven't posted anything on how Easton is doing in a couple weeks, cause our Internet has been down. I was forced to use Jason's Blackberry for the Internet and I couldn't hardly stand it. The buttons are to freaking small for my chunky man fingers. Sooo.. I had to wait to get our new pc card or whatever this thing is that sticks out the side of our laptop. Easton is doing a lot better. I finally was able to get him on some sort of sleep schedule. I followed the Healthy Sleep Habits book and have him up at 7am, down for 1st nap between 8-9am, then down for second nap between 12-1pm, then a shorter nap in the later after noon. He's going to bed by 7pm, which is the hardest part for him. That's the one time he still fights it. I have him able to go to sleep on his own too..for the most part. That sucked. He did a lot of crying..but he eventually got it. I still have to go in there sometimes, but he's not being put to sleep for every nap and bedtime with a bottle in his mouth. He is eating SO much better also. I have realized that he was just holding out for some "real" food. He LOVES his baby food and cereal! The kid will put it away. Anything we put on a spoon, he will eat. He's also started taking his bottle better. No more fighting it. I guess he was just never really hungry because I was shoving one in his mouth anytime he had to sleep or cried. Not anymore! We haven't got him to skip a feeding at night yet though. He's not up every two hours, but he's still being fed twice. I am going to wait a few more weeks till his 5 months to really get serious about that. It so much harder at night. The crying, I mean. I've done it a couple times and it breaks my heart. Plus, when I know he's in there crying, it's hard for me to sleep. I did fall asleep one time while he was crying. But, man, it's hard! So all in all, he's doing much better. Oh, and thank you so much if you left a sweet comment to my last post. It still amazes me, the love you can get from mommy's you don't even know personally! There are good people out mommy bloggers rock!!!


  1. Yeah!! Way to go momma! Everything is so much easier when they sleep well!!
    BTW, I don't think I have remembered to send a card to dad ever!! He did get a sweet email this morning though!!

  2. Listening to them cry is the worst. An infant teacher at the school my sister teaches at once told that when she is crying to tell myself "I'm not making her cry, I am allowing her to cry." It helped a bit but it was still so hard! You are so right, the middle of the night is the worst, I can never fall asleep when she cries!