Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Vestibular what??

So I took Easton to see an OT yesterday. This appointment was following the one we had with a feeding therapist to try and figure out why he's not eating like a normal 4 month old. She observed some things, and I told her some of the weird stuff he was doing and she thought he could benefit from an evaluation with an OT. So this is what the OT told me. (It's hard to explain and difficult to understand!) Due to the fact that he was breech (at my c-section it was discovered that the reason he was breech was that the cord was wrapped around his neck twice) he shows "symptoms?" of having a slight vestibular disorder. Some of the traits or symptoms are that when having his bath, he throws his arms out to the side and holds his breath, like he thinks he is falling. He also does this when changing his diaper. He hates to ride in the car..the movement of the car is what he doesn't like. He doesn't like tummy time. He prefers to be standing..at all times! He doesn't like having his hands messed with. He doesn't like to be laid all the way back to eat. (Which I never did cause of reflux) The OT explained that when a baby is in the womb, they usually move all around before settling into the head down position. All that movement develops their vestibular system. The vestibular systems controls our sense of movement and balance. That's about the easiest explanation I can come up with. This is all very new to me and I'm still trying to process it. He has to go to see the OT a few more times and we are doing some things at home to help him. Evidently if not treated, this can cause delays in crawling and walking. I still don't fully understand how they think this has hindered his feeding, but lately, nothing surprises me. What could possibly be next for this poor baby? I have finally come to the conclusion that he will eat when he's ready. He's finishing more 4 oz bottles than before, not every bottle and not everyday, but a few more than before. So I'm guessing by the time he's going to be taken off the bottle, he will have worked up to 8 oz. Ha. He's finally hit 12 pounds! What a porker. :-) He's still not sleeping through the night, but he has started going 3 hours in between a lot more. Except for last night, he was fed at 1 am, then awake from 2:30 to 4am. Little turd. So, yeah, that's what's up with Easton these days. Who knew being breech could have possibly caused all the problems? Weird!!! Well..I need to be doing something constructive, like cleaning the kitchen floor, while he's napping. Off I go...


  1. You are amazing...what a time of it you two have had! I just can hardly imagine. I'm so impressed with how you're weathering this. I hope the OT's insight helps you guys out. What an amazing mom you are, pushing through all of this. Thinking of you...

  2. P.S. it's no wonder you've been depressed and anxious. You've been through so much! I hope you both get a good break from all of this soon!

  3. Yes, I believe you have weathered the worst of it. That is until he hits the crazy ones and terrible twos, but at least you will be functioning on a full nights rest at that point!