Friday, June 11, 2010

Lord, help me, help my baby sleep.

He's been crying for I don't know how long. He didn't take any good naps today and he's REFUSING to go to sleep for the night. I've read the books. All of them. I am still in the dark of what to do and when to start. I need a step by step..and I mean detailed..instruction sheet. I am not good at taking a book like, Healthy Sleep Habits, and putting it into effect in my sons life. Do I follow chapter "Months one thru four" or "Five thru twelve" He's four months old, but the chapter one thru four, doesn't help me in my situation, Dr. Weissbluth! I would hire a sleep consultant to come to my house in a heartbeat, if I could find one in Nashville. I can't find one. I need someone stronger than I am to help fix this. Easton is obviously a sleep deprived baby. I haven't taught him good sleep habits. Or I don't know if I could have, with all his feeding problems. At this point in my life, I don't look forward to anything. I admitted to my mom today, that if someone would've have told me what I would look like, feel like and be dealing with right now, I would've NEVER even had a baby. That is horrible. It's horrible and it's extremely sad. I have a beautiful baby boy, who didn't ask to be brought into this world, when some women try and try to have a baby and can't. I am painfully aware of keep those comments to yourself. I just want for one day to be enjoyable. I just want to not dread nighttime, or nap time, or feeding time. He's screaming...and screaming...and screaming..and screaming..and screaming..


  1. Oh no! I'm so sorry. I don't think badly of you for feeling like you never would have had a child if you'd known...I remember feeling that. It makes total sense that you feel that. And even moms who desperately try and try to have babies and can't and then later end up with one often end up feeling just what you're feeling. I wish I could come take care of your baby for a night so you could get some sleep. I hope somebody does that for you. And I hope you're able to find a good step-by-step instruction sheet on how to help your little one. Did your baby's doc have any good info?

  2. Hey! I found the handout that our doc gave us and we used to help our little one learn to sleep. Don't know if it will help in your situation or not (maybe check with your doc to see if this would be appropriate advice with your little one's medical/feeding issues and age), but we found that it worked really well and that it only took a short amount of time to "retrain" her. It's also very step-by-step, like you were looking for. Here's a link (and it looks like it has links to advice on other sleeping issues):

  3. Hey Julie--found your blog from The Muser :-)

    Quick background on me: first baby had terrible reflux/sleeping issues, and I had super severe PPD (hospitalized) with second baby and moderate PPD with the third. So I feel you, sister!!! Just wanted to tell you that my first kiddo got MUCH better with sleeping as he aged...he's a SUPER sleeper now, and I really believe that his brain just needed to mature. And my third kiddo was eating 2-3 ozs. at a time at four months, and just started taking 6 ozs. at seven months...she's just a snacker. It's her thing. If you want to "chat" about stuff, feel free to email me: emily(dot)finding(dot)grace(at)gmail(dot)com. Praying for you tonight...sleep deprivation can do a number on the mommas. I am pleading with God to let you get some sleep!! ((HUGS))

  4. Hey Julie,
    I gave you an award! Come check it out on my blog!

  5. Julie, I am so sorry. Really. Truly. Motherhood is such a roller-coaster ride. The highs are sure high but the lows are LOW. I hope you find some answers soon. Please please please email me (contact form on blog) and I would love to walk thru this with you. Our sleep drama has been up and down but ultimately... there ARE answers, just hard to find. :) HUGS!

  6. Hi. I jumped over here off Kimberley's blog. 2 years ago, I was where you are now and it was HARD. The hardest thing I've ever done. Youa re right in the thick of it now- hang on in there, I promise it wil start to get better very, very soon.

    And this is NOT YOUR FAULT, OK? It's not because you didn't teach him to sleep. Some babies, especially colic-y ones, are just like that. It's nothing that you have or have not done.

    Massive hugs. Tears in my eyes, writing this, because I can remember vividly how freaking horrible this was. Hang on in there.

  7. Oh no! : ( I know how you feel, my daughter is 9 months old and struggled with sleep, naps and night, for a long time. There were many days I felt the same way and didn't know if I could do it. I hope you find something that helps soon! Hang in there!!!